How Does New Look Now Aesthetic Visualizer Platform Compare to Canfield’s Vectra 3d Imaging System for Plastic Surgery Practices?

Magic Mirror, on the wall, how can I help patients envision their best selves?

Through technology, of course – and this isn’t a fairy tale.

Technology can offer plastic surgeons and other aesthetic industry professionals the opportunity to connect with patients as never before. Beyond simply seeking advice, patients request consultations to satisfy a range of emotions – from excitement about the possibility of a new look to anxiety about treatments.

They’re looking to you to answer their questions, reinforce their excitement and quell their concerns. And now you have something better than the Queen’s Magic Mirror from Grimm’s classic story: aesthetic visualizers.

Aesthetic visualization technology lets patients imagine the possibilities by giving them a “try-before-you-buy” experience. Visualizers give health care consumers greater confidence in evaluating aesthetic procedures and deciding to move forward with treatments.

But which visualizer is fairest of them all?

A host of aesthetic visualizers are on the market, challenging plastic surgeons to determine which technology will improve patient experience the most while improving practice ROI the greatest. It’s critical to do your research and compare options to find the technology that is the best fit for you and your practice.

This post is the first in a series New Look Now has prepared to help you evaluate visualizer technologies.

Let’s kick-start the guide by comparing the New Look Now Aesthetic Visualizer Platform to 3D imaging systems, beginning with the Canfield Vectra 3D Imaging System for aesthetic practices. Here are three differences to consider:

No Pricy Hardware

Introduced in 2015 and endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the New Look Now Aesthetic Visualizer Platform is a web-based tool that gives consumers greater confidence in making the decision to move forward with aesthetic procedures. Prospective patients can use the New Look Now visualizer to get a sneak peek of what they could look like following popular treatments for face, breast, body, skin, teeth and hair in four easy steps. At, they can select treatment options, upload a current photo of themselves, enter contact information and receive by email a digitally created before-and-after photo with 24 hours.

With New Look Now, you don’t have to purchase any pricy hardware to offer your patients photorealistic visualizations of how they could appear after aesthetic treatments.

However, Canfield requires the purchase of expensive hardware, including a capture system and capture computer, to deploy. In addition, Canfield users must invest in computer consultations, servers, printers and other software to be able to offer their patients a peek at their re-imagined looks. 

Let Patients Choose a Convenient Time and Place

You can offer patients the opportunity to “try on” treatments from the comfort and privacy of their own homes using the New Look Now Aesthetic Visualizer Platform, which also offers education about available treatment options to address various aesthetic concerns, such as sun spots, wrinkles or belly fat. This approach helps consumers better understand what they’re buying before committing to a procedure.

In comparison, Canfield’s Vectra series requires patients to visit an imaging center. This can be a hurdle to a curious consumer, who may be apprehensive already. However, by choosing New Look Now as your visualizer technology, you can give consumers access to photorealistic results from anywhere, at any time.

Focus on Patient Relations, Not Technical Education

New Look Now makes it as simple for aesthetic professionals to set up the Aesthetic Visualizer Platform as it is easy for consumers to use it. Unlike the Canfield system, there is no need to buy and manage a full hardware system, conduct an IT overhaul or employ a technician to simulate a breast augmentation or any other treatment.

With New Look Now, practitioners simply sign up for a free trial and attend a 45-minute online training session to get started. New Look Now’s team will take care of the rest, including setting up an account within 24 hours. With no long-term contract to sign or expensive hardware to purchase and manage, you can meet patients almost immediately.