Educate Patients to See Higher Practice KPIs in 2017

Do you recall the first time you heard about TiVo – or better yet when you held its sleek controller in your hands?

The over-the-air digital video recorder service disrupted everything in 1999. Viewers no longer were forced to watch their favorite shows when broadcast. With TiVo, they ceased to be controlled by programming; they controlled programming instead. And commercials? An albatross of the past because TiVo allowed users to blaze past commercials.

TiVo represents a category of innovation technology that created a new market, which disrupted the old and displaced established products and ways of doing things. The company couldn’t simply introduce its product and wait for consumers to buy it. TiVo – like all disruptive innovations – first had to educate consumers to show them why they needed to upgrade.

Education sales, also called consultative selling, worked for TiVo. And it works to introduce patients to the benefits of visualization technology, too. In fact, this approach dovetails with the mission of aesthetic medicine.

Lead with Learning

Although our field is wide and varied, most practitioners strive to offer their patients the best therapeutic and medical quality aesthetic services available. They focus on educating client-patients on how to maintain and advance their beauty wellness. In this rapidly growing specialty, plastic surgeons are adopting the most innovative technologies to deliver the highest-quality therapeutic and medical aesthetic services.

Only a consultative model that fosters dialogue with patients enables practitioners to reach such complex goals. After all, the word “dialogue” comes from Greek and means “to learn.”

Aesthetic visualization technology is not only innovation that is advancing the specialty of aesthetic medicine, with the right balance of consultative selling, it also can transform your relationship with patients while improving practice key performance indicators (KPIs). As 2017 gets underway, adding a visualizer to your consultative process with patients will help them achieve their new year’s resolutions of looking younger, appearing trimmer and projecting their best selves. Plus, it will add a healthy bounce to your KPIs.

Consult to Discover Patient Aspirations

By creating a dialogue with patients, you can find out what they need and want before talking about procedures and surgeries.

·       You can establish the potential results of aesthetic options available to patients – on their bodies – using an online visualizer. Patients gain a sneak peek of how their bodies may transform following popular treatments for face, breast, body, skin, teeth and hair.

·       With the New Look Now Aesthetic Visualizer Platform, for example, potential patients can select treatment options, upload a current photo of themselves, enter contact information and receive by email a digitally created before-and-after photo.

·       They can “try on” treatments from the comfort and privacy of their homes using the platform, which also offers education about available treatment options to address various aesthetic concerns, such as sun spots, wrinkles or belly fat.

In 2015, New Look Now launched collaborative efforts with independent aesthetic medicine practices to incorporate visualizer events during which potential patients gained the opportunity to test the innovation in “try before you buy” consultations. Not only did these plastic surgeons and practice managers realize an immediate payback on the marketing investment, but they also increased lead volume, reduced no-show rates, and boosted consult-to-treatment ratios long term – the three top KPIs that drive practice revenue.

A plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, California, generated $18,000 in treatment revenue by hosting just one visualizer event with 14 guests. Another surgeon in Orange, California, picked up $65,000 worth of treatments during a visualizer event and gained a new stream of recurring revenue from repeat treatments. Plus, a Seattle-based plastic surgeon added $40,000 in services revenue from treatments booked during a visualizer event with 22 patients.

Demonstrating the benefits of aesthetic visualizer technology made all the difference to these aesthetic medicine practices – and it can do the same for you in 2017.

Help Patients Visualize the Possibilities

Many people who could benefit from treatments don’t because they simply can’t imagine how they’ll look afterward. They never even make the commitment to explore a consultation, let alone follow through with treatments. Their hesitation not only holds them back from enjoying a better quality of life, but it also results in flat lead volume, dismal no-show rates and lackluster consult-to-treatment ratios for your practice.

New Look Now’s aesthetic visualization technology removes ambiguity and helps consumers better understand what they’re buying before committing to invasive or noninvasive procedures. Prospective patients can use the visualizer to get a sneak peek of what their “potential results” could look like following trending treatments for face, breast, body, skin hair and weight loss.

For example, you may find this scenario familiar: a new patient discloses she wants a tummy tuck. Without adopting a consultative model to this discussion, you may educate her about the pros and cons of a tummy tuck only. However, by using a visualizer during the consultation, your dialogue may reveal that a tummy tuck without the additional service of liposuction won’t deliver the results she wants. Visualizer technology enables the patient to “see” the potential results and better communicate to you her desires – and you gain the opportunity to conduct multiple procedures with this patient.

Early adopters of aesthetic visualization technologies are seeing:

o   Sharp increases in patient leads

o   Improved abilities to convert appointments into treatments

o   Reduced consultation-to-treatment decision timeline

Make 2017 the year your practice KPIs soar by adopting aesthetic visualization technologies.

About the Author

Devon Niccole, CEO and vice president of sales and marketing at New Look Now LLC, has 12 years of practice management and marketing experience working intimately with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic dentists, medspas and weight loss clinics. Niccole’s experience in patient acquisition, patient retention and practice management have earned him a formidable reputation within the industry and has helped garner a magnitude of powerful industry relationships. Learn more at