Skip the Photo-Distortion Apps and Use the One Cosmetic Surgery Visualizer That Works

When it comes to evaluating plastic surgery visualizers, there’s something important to remember: One of these things is not like the others.

Spurred on by the surging popularity of cosmetic procedures, a surplus of new mobile apps and online simulators are enticing consumers to test the “before and after” results of minimally invasive and surgical treatments. Although touted as ways to simulate realistic plastic surgeries or see how cosmetic enhancements could improve your appearance, most of these offerings are nothing more than photo distortion tools.

These types of gimmicks instruct you to upload a photo and drag, grow or shrink the body parts you want altered. That may seem like harmless fun, but the results are far from reality. Without the close oversight of professional plastic surgery specialists, the “after” images are nothing more than distortions and don’t give consumers any true idea of the potential of popular treatments, such as soft tissue fillers and microdermabrasion, or surgeries, such as breast augmentation and nose reshaping.

So if you’re considering a cosmetic enhancement or simply curious about potential results, where can you find accurate simulations? Look no further than the New Look Now Aesthetic Treatment Visualizer Platform.

It’s the only simulator endorsed by American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). In addition to providing a realistic “try before you buy” approach to cosmetic treatments and enhancements, New Look Now is available to guide you through your choices while also emphasizing the importance of research and seeking out medical professionals best aligned to conduct these services.

Introduced in 2015, the New Look Now Aesthetic Treatment Visualizer Platform will give you greater confidence to decide which treatments will resolve your beauty concerns. Like many consumers surveyed by American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), you may be investing in aesthetic procedures or plastic surgery to maintain a younger, healthier appearance or perhaps you view aesthetic enhancements as essential elements of self-care and avenues toward career advancement.

Whatever your reason, you can use the New Look Now Aesthetic Treatment Visualizer Platform to get a sneak peek of what you could look like following popular treatments for face, breast, body, skin, teeth and hair in four easy steps. At, you can select treatment options, upload a current photo of yourself, enter contact information and receive by email a digitally created before-and-after photo.

After completing the few simple steps with the online visualizer, you have the option of talking with a New Look Now patient consultant who will guide you through the process and facilitate a live consultation with a local physician who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. New Look Now refers consumers only to plastic surgeons who meet the rigorous standards set by ASPS and hold membership in good standing. This is your guarantee that your aesthetic surgeon is trained in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of all types.

So save the photo-altering apps for creating sensationalized social media pictures and turn to New Look Now’s Aesthetic Treatment Visualizer Platform to garner realistic results.