Using A Cosmetic Enhancement Visualizer as a Key Component of Your Marketing Strategy

How to Utilize the Marketing Benefits of the New Look Now Cosmetic Enhancement Visualizer 


The Primary Drop-Off: Getting Patients Through Your Door

Most plastic surgeons are all too familiar with the scourge of drop-off rates within their patient on-boarding process. The biggest hurdle always involves getting a prospective patient to actually arrive at the medical center after expressing interest in a consultation. This primary drop-off usually occurs in the moments when a patient is weighing their options and researching "before-and-after" results.

Patients begin by having a desire to enhance or repair a specific problem area. Then they do some searching and eventually end up on your site or looking at the number of your business. If all goes well, the patient decides to go through the process of scheduling a consultation or booking an appointment. This is the critical point in the story where many prospective patients drop-off. Either they lose interest, become too distracted or busy, or find some other reason to not follow through.


How Can a Cosmetic Enhancement Visualizer Help?

At this point in the process there usually isn't much that a cosmetic enhancement center can do to help shepherd would-be patients to their office doors. There is something that can be done to help lay the mental groundwork for their eventual decision to be a positive one. That 'something' is the utilization of the ultimate plastic surgery marketing tool: the New Look Now cosmetic enhancement visualizer.

Yes, the New Look Now visualizer is an extremely beneficial tool for the patient to understand realistic outcomes of a procedure. However, it is actually even more beneficial as a marketing tool for you and your business. As a free and informative experience for the user, the New Look Now visualizer acts as a hook that facilitates more interest for a patient to visit your offices. It doesn’t provide them with all of the answers, but gives them enough to go on that they are left curious and eager to find out more. That is when they decide to show-up at your business.

According to a study by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), medical practices using the New Look Now visualizer saw a 36% increase in new patients. This is due to a widened pool of prospective leads that are given satisfying and informative virtual results, but left wanting more from a consultation. As a marketing tool, the New Look Now visualizer helps guide the patient toward approaching and trusting you as their doctor and the ultimate source of procedural information.  

Once a patient makes the leap and decides to show-up for a consultation, you can begin your relationship with a stronger and more complex foundation. At its core, this foundation is based on a mutual understanding of procedural outcomes and patient expectations. It’s also based on the patient’s trust in you to further explain the virtual results that they’ve been given. This is where cross-selling, up-selling, and other patient relationship building tactics come into play. It’s also where you should start avoiding the secondary drop-off point.

New Look Now Marketing Sample 

New Look Now Marketing Sample 


Avoiding the Secondary Drop-Off: Once They’re In the Door

The second drop-off area of concern occurs from consultation to treatment. When a patient enters your business for the first-time they are most likely there to have a consultation and to decide on the next steps. Unfortunately, many patients slip out of the on-boarding process after they’ve been consulted. Getting them to schedule and appear at a follow-up appointment requires a certain amount of finesse. Utilizing the New Look Now visualizer tool is proven to provide that necessary finesse while decreasing patient drop-off rates.   

Practices using the New Look Now visualizer managed to achieve a 58% consult-to-treatment conversion rate. This is far above the 35% industry average. The explanation for this massive increase is simple: A patient who is shown virtual yet realistic results along with the information they receive from consulting with their doctor will have a much clearer idea of what the entire treatment process will entail. With that clarity of vision, patients are more than 20% more likely to undergo the treatment that they desire.

New Look Now Marketing Sample 

New Look Now Marketing Sample 


Build Stronger Relationships and Returning Customers

Within this secondary drop-off window, doctors have a perfect opportunity to further establish and kindle a relationship through cross-selling/up-selling other relevant procedures or products. The New Look Now visualizer offers a tool for creating an immediate jumping off point for this type of fruitful conversation for maximizing lifetime value. With the virtual results of one type of treatment in hand, you can demonstrate how other procedures would provide the actual results that the patient is hoping to achieve.

For example, a patient could go in for a consultation to remove facial wrinkles. They might use the New Look Now visualizer to see the prospective results of Botox injections. As their doctor, you could then use this opportunity to explain other facial cosmetic treatments that would create better results based on the patient’s intentions.

This not only provides an an organic conversational path toward cross/up-selling, but it also helps to further establish your patient-doctor relationship. They come to you with some information and a desire to learn more, and you are able to simultaneously provide what they need and sell them on reasons to keep coming back. So, the New Look Now marketing tool becomes a way to coax patients through the door, to keep them coming back, and to ultimately enable them to have a higher lifetime value.

New Look Now Marketing Sample 

New Look Now Marketing Sample 


Lifetime Value Improvement Through Learned Consumer Behavior

Focusing on the lifetime value of returning patients is essential considering new patient streams are never large enough to support a cosmetic enhancement business. According to Joyce Senilo, president of Practice Helpers, a mature practice “should rest on a foundation wherein repeat business accounts for 50% of receivables.” This advice is based on the idea that it costs 10 times as much to create new patients as it does to bring back returning ones. The New Look Now visualizer is proven to increase consult-to-treatment conversion rates. This in turn leads to the patient learning the behavioral traits of a returning customer and maximizes their lifetime value.

The process of scheduling appointments, consulting with doctors and medical staff, and learning about procedures can become streamlined and engrained in the patient’s mind. When you couple this learned behavior with the meeting of realistic expectations due to a shared understanding of prospective virtual results, the patient-doctor relationship is vastly improved. With New Look Now as a marketing tool, doctors can beginning building these relationships at the earliest possible moment.

And so, the New Look Now cosmetic enhancement visualizer is as much more than a platform for the patient to learn about results. It is a marketing tool that improves the performance of your cosmetic enhancement business through educating patients, fostering relationships, and by providing a garden for doctors to grow the lifetime value of their patients.