Creating A Multi-Pronged Marketing Approach With One Tool

Vary Your Visualizer Placement Across Multiple Channels


You should aim to diversify your marketing tactics with the same vigor that you would give to your financial portfolio. Diversification works by sealing up any unseen cracks in your patient conversion funnel while maximizing your potential returns for overarching marketing campaigns. While creating a multi-pronged marketing approach can seem like a large undertaking with countless moving parts, the reality is much simpler. In fact, just as your finances primarily rely on a single entity (currency), your varied marketing strategies can also be based on a single tool, i.e. the New Look Now treatment simulation visualizer.

Considering the wide-reaching and customizable implementations of our visualizer, creating a multi-pronged marketing approach is actually extremely easy. In essence, you can simply apply the visualizer as the foundational element in a slightly different iteration to each of your marketing channels, forming a cohesive, consistent, and yet multi-faceted output. This results in a set of much cleaner and more sophisticated patient-facing materials, with your emails, social media posts, and website content all coalescing while remaining palpably distinct.

The need for diversification

“66% of Americans own at least two digital devices —smartphone, desktop or laptop computer, or tablet — and 36% own all three.” - Pew Research Center, 2015.

“90% of time on mobile is spent in apps” - Yahoo, 2016

“Only 39% of marketing executives say they are able to understand their customers’ cross-device behaviors.” - eMarketer, 2016.


What do these multi-device stats have to do with diversifying your marketing approach? It’s actually rather simple:

The increased fragmentation of technological devices and interfaces has led to an amplification of marketing channel variance. What that means is as we begin to spend more time spread across multiple devices utilizing a variety of apps and platforms, the ways in which marketers can directly influence us are both less intense and more abundant.

Everything is more spread out. And the average consumer pays less attention per individual platform/device that he/she interacts with. So it becomes more critical than ever to reach your audience on every possible channel with the most potent content in your marketing arsenal. That’s where we can help!

Using the Visualizer in Social Media:

“Facebook continues to have the most engaged users — 70% log on daily, including 43% who do several times a day” - Pew Research Center, 2015

“Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase click-through rate by 285%” - AdRoll

Despite what the Gen. Z kids are saying these days, Facebook is not going anywhere. If anything, the social media juggernaut is becoming more influential than ever. While we highly recommend diversifying your social media management strategies and utilizing all relevant platforms available, Facebook is undoubtedly the most important channel to optimize.

Did you know that visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared or reposted on social media (Buffer, 2014). That’s a stat that simply can’t be ignored. And while it’s easy to simply add an image to your Facebook posts, utilizing our interactive visualizer will ensure that your content stands out from your competitors.

With the New Look Now visualizer, you can create an intriguing and visually-based Call-to-Action (CTA) within your Facebook posts. This is as easy as pasting your personalized New Look Now upload link into the text field of your post with an accompanying CTA such as, “Use this link to try on Ultherapy treatments at home!” You can decide to use the image that is automatically generated by the link or add your own imagery depending on the type of treatment you are highlighting.

Boosting Your Posts or Creating Traditional Facebook Ads


Another option is to “boost” your page posts to amplify your audience reach and to target specific demographics. Facebook makes this incredibly easy with a single “Boost” button option below each published post. This approach is often paired well with promotions, coupons, or discounts for the specific treatment you are advertising. According to Socially Stacked, 42% of fans end up liking a page when there is some form of discount involved.

A traditional Facebook ad is slightly more in-depth and enables you to promote content that isn’t published on your public page. This approach is good for detailed audience targeting or promotions with a more standardized advertising feel. In either case, the New Look Now visualizer can be readily applied to your promotion’s CTA as a surfeited way to maximize engagement and conversions.

Quick tip: Posing a question in your Facebook posts is shown to generate far more engagement than a generalized statement.

Using the Visualizer in Emails:

“86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, and 15% would like to get them daily.” - Statista, 2015


Email remains one of the most powerful channels for directly interacting with your existing customer base and for nurturing interested leads into converted patients. The bulk of aesthetic practices currently send out occasional newsletters and event promotions with obvious CTA’s. However, many of these practices fail to take advantage of every single type of email as an opportunity to increase engagement, boost conversions, and improve the lifetime value of each patient.

Think about all of the different types of emails that are sent to your patients. Likely, your practice sends out appointment reminders, pre-visit evaluations, post-visit gratitudes, etc… Each of these automated emails is an opportunity to generate more interest in your practice and the treatments that you offer. With the New Look Now visualizer at-hand, you can easily add a thought-provoking and engaging CTA to these messages with little fuss and high reward.

Based on data from our partners, we’ve seen an 80% decrease in no-show rates when practices utilize the New Look Now visualizer as a ‘carrot’ to get patients to appear for appointments. This means that by simply adding the visualizer to your appointment reminders and all other pre-visit emails, you can expect to see roughly 80% more patients come through your doors. That same data shows us that patients who have used the visualizer are more than 30% more likely to schedule treatments after their first consultation. So again, maximizing your multi-pronged marketing outcomes can be as simple as adding our visualizer to your existing email efforts. Let your patients “try on” the treatment at every possible point and more often than not they will start to like what they see and end up wanting more.

Using the Visualizer in Website Content:

“47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.” - Demand Gen Report, 2016

“Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got about 4.5X more leads than companies that published 0-4 monthly posts.” - HubSpot, 2015


Every element on your practice’s website should be viewed from a content marketing perspective. From your header and navigation bar to your footer and legal disclaimers, everything can be individually picked apart as a piece of content that your prospective patients will come across. Sure, your respective blog section is where the substantial content has room to grow, however every other aspect of the site is another opportunity to generate leads and boost conversions.

The New Look Now visualizer can be utilized within your sites content in three ways: through the use of our API, the implementation of our mobile-friendly widget, and/or the use of your personalized New Look Now consumer link. The API allows you to integrate our technology in a highly customizable way so that you can maintain complete control over the branding and imagery involved in the use of our visualizer. The widget is an easier way to quickly implement a CTA-type button on your site that prompts users to “try on” the treatment of your choice wherever you decide to place it. And obviously the link can be used within the body of any portion of your site content to link out to your affiliate page where prospective patients can upload their photos.

We recommend placing the New Look Now visualizer in multiple locations throughout your site to maximize its availability and to diversify your content. For example, you can use your affiliate link within blog posts and create anchor text CTA’s shown by HubSpot to increase conversion rates by 121%! An anchor text CTA involves using the actual keywords of the CTA within the hyperlink. So you could say, “Try on an Ultherapy treatment today” and have the entire line of text be a hyperlink using your New Look Now consumer link.

Another approach would be to implement the widget throughout your site and optimize its placement based on the areas of your site where visitor drop-off is the highest. This would ostensibly give your prospective patients one last chance to convert before leaving. Conversely, you could place the widget in areas with the highest amount of time-spent on the site per user in the hopes of pushing as much traffic as possible to the visualizer’s CTA. There are countless iterations that you can test with this simple and easy-to-install snippet of code.

Widget-OpenAll copy.jpg

Using the Visualizer In-Office:

“40% of companies say that proving the ROI of their marketing activities is their top marketing challenge.” - HubSpot, 2017


Much of the realm of digital marketing can appear convoluted and difficult to track. While practices should definitely try to get better at analyzing and measuring their digital efforts, you can always optimize in-office or face-to-face tactics with easily comprehensible success in the meantime. Event-based marketing, consultation optimization, and other forms of face-to-face interactions are just as critical for increasing conversion rates and improving lifetime value of patients as their digital counterparts.

The New Look Now visualizer can be used in-office during events, consultations, or pre-appointment screenings and has been shown to increase consultation-to-appointment rates by over 30%. We find that the earlier patients are able to see their virtual treatment results, the more likely they are to want to stick around and return to your offices. This is especially true during event-based situations where your prospective or returning patients are already in your office, without having been necessarily converted just yet.

Ideally, practices should use the visualizer as an in-office tool in direct conjunction with their digital marketing efforts. For example, you could send an appointment reminder email with the visualizer CTA at the bottom. The email could then state that patients need to come in for their consultation in order to receive their virtual treatment results. This provides a “carrot” for the patients to show-up to their consultations and allows for a unique opportunity for practices to cross-sell and up-sell different treatments while discussing said patient’s New Look now treatment simulation during the appointment.

A Multi-Pronged Marketing Approach Really Only Requires One Tool

In essence, the New Look Now visualizer is golden key for unlocking a variety of methods for diversifying your marketing strategies and optimizing for conversions, lifetime value of patients, and ROI (return on investment) at every stage in your promotional campaigns. We have yet to come across a modern marketing channel that the visualizer is not ideally suited, and we challenge you to try! In the meantime, please be sure to seal up any leaks in your patient conversion funnel by optimizing your CTA placements throughout your various marketing platforms with the New Look Now treatment visualizer.

Contact us to request a demo, get your widget code, or for more information regarding the implementation of the New Look Now Visualizer.