Save Time and Improve Medical Center Performance with Visualization Tool at Check-in

Save Your Staff Time, Increase Your Patient Satisfaction, and Improve Your Medical Center’s Overall Performance

It’s often difficult to execute strategies of efficiency without undermining the humanistic backbone of your business. This is especially true when your customers are patients and the personal touch of a delicate bedside manner is all too important. In the end, however, your goal as a medical professional should be to run as efficient and helpful of a business as possible.

This business first model doesn’t mean sacrificing compassion and individual care. In fact, improving patient flow and maximizing your medical center’s efficiency most often leads to higher patient satisfaction and lower churn rates.

The lifeblood of a successful medical business is a decreased churn rate. It’s absolutely crucial to keep your patients from seeking help elsewhere. It’s nearly impossible to maintain a constant flow of entirely new patients, and so return patients are what keep medical practices afloat.

Joyce Sunila, president of Practice Helpers, writes that “it costs 10 times more to attract a new patient then it does to bring in a current one.” Sunila highlights the need for medical practices to direct their attention toward improving the lifetime value of their patients. As she states, “today’s cosmetic patient is worth more than $100,000 in lifetime service.” Those are numbers that simply can’t be ignored.

The most obvious way to minimize churn is to focus on successful procedures and satisfying results. While this is undeniable, it’s also true that the organizational obstacles that patients have to deal with can have a tremendous impact on their prospects for returning. Likewise, the less bureaucratic logistics that bog down your staff, the more time they will have to help establish and maintain patient satisfaction. The process of a helping a patient get from their home to the point of receiving their treatment should be as painless and fine tuned as possible.


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Benefits of Improving Patient Flow and Medical Center Efficiency

See more patients in a smaller amount of time.

  • This one's a no-brainer. The more patients you can see in a given day, the more opportunity you have to grow your business. This approach might seem like it promotes rushing or neglect. However, the goal is to increase the amount of time spent with each patient on more important things, and decrease the time spent on logistical issues. As a result, your patients will likely feel more cared and attended to.

Increase patient satisfaction by streamlining the organizational process.

  • This point piggybacks off of the last one. By streamlining the administrative and organizational mechanisms of your medical business, your patients will feel grateful for the simplicity and easiness of the entire process. This of course leads to a higher rate of return and an increased lifetime value of each patient.

  • And if the process of improving their satisfaction is begun before they even enter the office, then initial "no-show rates” can dramatically decrease. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, nearly 45% of all scheduled appointments become “no-shows”. Creating a more engaging and efficient appointment creation process will undoubtedly improve this statistic.

Improve medical staff attentiveness to higher level problems.

  • As the rest of your staff becomes less bogged down with lower level issues, they will be able to direct their attention toward larger concerns. This often materializes as a diminished focus on check-in and paperwork, with more energy being spent on building patient-staff relationships. These relationships are critical for improving return rates and patient’s lifetime value


Attach Cosmetic Enhancement Visualizer Technology to Your Patient On-boarding, Application, or Check-in Process

One of the easiest ways to begin improving your medical office’s efficiency is through the use of Cosmetic Enhancement Visualizer (CEV) technology. Specifically, using CEV in conjunction with an online patient portal, check-in form, or application process can have enormous time-saving benefits. It also helps to create a more informed patient with exceptionally realistic expectations. The better informed a patient is and the more they understand their expectations, the more likely they are to feel satisfied and to support your overall patient flow. Improved satisfaction leads to higher numbers of referrals and returning patients, the cornerstones of a mature plastic surgery practice.


Improve the First Step in the Process: Decrease No-Shows

The moment a patient starts to book an appointment with your medical center, they have begun their journey through the channels of your patient processing structure. This initial step should be as painless and informative for the patient as possible. It also needs to efficiently drive information about the patient to your office, without bogging down either part of the system.

Attaching a CEV to the appointment booking or application portion of your patient processing structure is a simple and effective way of augmenting this first step. According to a 2015 case study by Merz, using the New Look Now cosmetic enhancement visualizer can deliver an 85% decrease in no-show rates. By providing your prospective or returning patient with real time virtual results, you will simultaneously enhance their initial experience and inform their expectations. This will inevitably create enthusiasm and curiosity within the patient, eventually leading them through your doors to learn more.


Get More From Your Patient While Providing More For Them

Typically, the amount of information that an office can receive through an online portal or application form is only increased by decreasing patient experience and overall efficiency. This normally materializes with patients having to fill out more and more forms. Or, it requires staff to spend time discussing the basics of each procedure and the expected results. With CEV as a part of your application or check-in process, your medical office can acquire important information about the patient while expanding their knowledge, saving you both time in the office, and bettering their overall experience.


Better Information Saves Time and Enhances Quality of Care

With CEV attached to your patient check-in process, both you and your patients will begin each appointment with more vital information about each other and the procedure at hand. Your patient can understand what a successful treatment should look like, and you can understand more about their desires and expectations. Knowing all of this prior to actually meeting can save valuable time and foster a more fruitful relationship. This leads to higher numbers of patients seen per day and higher return rates.

In a recent case study, practices who used the New Look Now visualizer managed to increase consultation to treatment conversion rates by 33%. When patients are able to “try before they by”, they enter a consultation with one foot already in the operating room. And as patients start to see the results that they had expected thanks to a realistic virtualization prior to a procedure, they ultimately become loyal returning customers.



How to Measure Your Improved Patient Flow and Organizational Efficiency

As with any business, key performance indicators (KPIs) should be put in place to periodically measure and assess the overall performance of a company. This is especially necessary for medical professionals hoping to maximize patient satisfaction, new patient generation, and the number of return patients. When considering the use of a Cosmetic Enhancement Visualizer such as New Look Now, your KPIs should at least involve the following:

  • The measure of time required for a patient to check-in.

  • The amount of time spent going over potential procedures/results with a patient.

  • The amount of time a patient spends providing information about their desires/intent during the initial on-boarding process.

  • The amount of time normally spent by medical staff to help each patient with check-in process.

This will help you determine where the CEV technology is working and at which point in the on-boarding process it should be utilized, i.e. online versus in the lobby. Once put in place, your medical practice can expect to see an 85% decrease in no-show rates and a 58% consultation to treatment conversion rate.

According to a report by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), medical offices that use CEV tech will garner roughly 36% more new patients due to much larger developments in lead generation. This can be seen as a direct result of CEV tech maximizing the efficiency of the on-boarding and patient processing mechanisms. Your customer funnel will improve at the top, middle, and bottom with the simple utilization of a cosmetic enhancement visualizer at some point in your practice’s patient portal.




New Look Now Is the CEV That Your Medical Business Needs

Maximizing your office’s efficiency allows you to see more patients in a day and be better prepared to handle each of their specific needs. Starting with the very top of the funnel, a CEV tool will increase initial patient interest, decrease no show rates, improve consultation to treatment conversions, and foster a healthier lifetime value for each patient. New Look Now is an Cosmetic Enhancement Visualizer technology tool that can be easily combined with your patient on-boarding or check-in process to streamline patient flow. As a leader in CEV, New Look Now can provide you and your patients with nearly real-time virtual results that are realistic, informative, and experience enhancing.

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