Marketing with Microblading Before and After Simulations

How to Use Microblading Before and After Simulations to Drive Conversions at Your Practice

The hair restoration services industry has experienced a steady rise in the past few years and is expected to see a 20% CAGR from 2019 to 2024. This growth is tied to innovations in treatment technology and methods, as well as a more open, youthful, and experimental consumer base. As hair restoration options diversify and the potential patient pool expands, the industry will more than likely continue on this successful trajectory for the foreseeable future. One of the best ways to stay ahead of this curve is to make use of our microblading before and after simulations and other elements of the New Look Now predictive imaging platform.

Micropigmentation of the Scalp

We touched on some of the trends to look out for in this field in a previous blog post and one of the highlights was a relatively new treatment option known as micropigmentation. Essentially a highly specialized and modified version of a tattoo, micropigmentation involves the process of adding natural looking pigment to the scalp in areas where the hairline is receding. This procedure tends to look best for those who have shorter hair since it doesn’t actually create any new hair growth and instead simply creates the illusion of a thicker and more youthful looking hairline.

Microblading of the Eyebrows


Microblading of the eyebrows is the latest evolution of the popular micropigmentation treatment. It relies on the same technique used for the scalp, but is meant to fill in thinning or vanishing eyebrows. While micropigmentation of the scalp is primarily undergone by men, microblading is much more of a hit with the female demographic.  

Both micropigmentation and microblading use a special type of pigment that looks natural as it fades, unlike the dyed ink that's used in an actual tattoo. The results are less permanent than a traditional tattoo and they blend in with the remaining hair to achieve a subtler and typically more satisfying result. Microblading has become somewhat of a cosmetic sensation in the past year as aesthetic trends continue to shift in favor of women with thicker and more robust brows.

Estheticians at your practice can easily take courses to become "microblading certified" and you can begin offering these treatments a la carte or in combination with other hair restoration procedures within weeks. It's a simple restoration option that further blends the lines between plastic surgery, medical spa, and general cosmetic enhancements. And the more diverse you can make your offices, the more successful you'll be at gaining and keeping new and eager patients.

New Look Now's Microblading Before and After Simulations


Microblading before and after simulations are the easiest way to cross-sell or upsell this treatment to your hair restoration clients. With New Look Now's predictive imaging platform, you can provide realistic simulated microblading results to your patients before, during, and after an consultation or alternative treatment appointment. Our simulations are proven to help practices in a variety of fields to gain new clients, increase consultation-to-appointment conversion rates, and boost overall revenue.

Using microblading before and after simulations in your office can enable your clients to "try on" and get a glimpse at their potential future post-treatment selves. When they can see what the effects of microblading could be on their own brows, they become much more likely to book a follow-up appointment and commit to the treatment plan. And, you can easily lean on these simulated results to cross-sell multiple hair restoration options to patients hoping for a more varied and all-encompassing approach.

Using Predictive Imaging in Your Marketing

Microblading before and after simulations are just one part of our predictive imaging platform. With New Look Now, you can optimize your aesthetic businesses' marketing strategy by providing realistic visualizations of treatment results on your potential patients' actual face and bodies. You can use New Look Now in your email campaigns, social media marketing, during events and in-office consultations, or wherever else you reach out to clients.

Contact us to learn how you can start using the New Look Now "Try on this treatment" call-to-action in your marketing content to strengthen your practice today.