How to Leverage New Year New Me Resolutions to Drive More Patient Conversions

Boost Your Holiday Marketing Efforts with a New Year New Me Patient Conversion Tool

Each year, thousands of potential patients make New Year New Me resolutions vowing to change their appearance through exercise and dieting. This makes the holiday season a critical time to up the ante on your practice's marketing campaigns. While the resolutions of most of these individuals involve working out more and eating healthier, the primary goal is always the same: Look better, feel better. This creates a particularly opportunistic consumer mindset that is essential to capitalize on in order to maximize your practice’s performance into the new year.


In the following months, most aesthetic practices will be hosting holiday themed events or offering discounts on seasonally popular treatments. Sure, these are tried and true methods for engaging potential clients and bringing new patients into your doors. However, these old school marketing tactics won't set you apart from the competition in any way. And they often fail to foster the growth of lifetime value for any new patients that they do bring in. Practices are typically left with subpar returns and unenthusiastic clients for these types of unoriginal and overplayed holiday marketing efforts.

This isn’t to say that discounts and events are bad or useless ideas. They offer an easy and surfeited way to get people interested in your business and the treatments that you offer. And you can always take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” stance when it comes to business management. Although, if you want to ever break real ground and make true progress, that stance is highly unadvisable.

At the most basic level, discounts and events are merely baseline procedures with sturdy and only occasionally surprising results. It’s usually the case that your marketing team ends up yearning for a more adaptive, versatile, and dynamic approach toward holiday campaigning. As is true with almost all marketing campaigns, there’s always seemingly more that can be done.

Using a Treatment Visualizer to Do More With Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns

The New Year New Me consumer mindset is a temporary "buyer profile” that is truly an annual boon to the cosmetic enhancement industry. Patients begin adopting this psychology during the end of November and carry it steadily into the beginning of February. Unfortunately, this consumer headspace is often overlooked by marketers hoping to capitalize on more traditional holiday shopping. That leads to stagnant, repetitive, and overdone campaigning without anything spectacular to show for it. Let’s make sure you don’t miss the mark this year.


Utilizing an aesthetic treatment visualizer is a simple, yet sleek and sophisticated way to add a dynamic layer of improved efficacy to your holiday marketing campaign. The best part is, a treatment visualizer can easily be applied to existing marketing efforts. That means you don’t have to throw out your pre-planned holiday events and discounts. You just need to make a few amendments.

How Does a Treatment Visualizer Boost Returns on Marketing Investments?

The New Look Now virtual treatment visualizer is proven to improve practice KPI’s (key performance indicators) via decreases in patient no-show rates, increases in consultation-to-treatment conversion rates, expansion of patients' LTVs (lifetime values), and escalation of overall practice revenue. We know, we know, that sounds like an unbelievable amount of marketing horsepower coming from a single, seemingly simple tool. But it’s actually the visualizer’s uniquely simplistic yet dynamic patient engagement and retention abilities that makes it so effective and approachable.


So how does the visualizer work so smoothly? And why is it so effective with the New Year New Me buyer type?

New Look Now offers an API and a highly adaptive widget for aesthetic practices to utilize on their own sites and within their own marketing campaigns. This enables you to retain all of your branding and stylization while still taking advantage of the visualizer’s capabilities. Potential patients visiting your site are able to take part in a highly engaging and remarkable experience that is seamlessly integrated into your  existing digital presence. And in the world of marketing, creating “remarkable” and “seamless" experiences for your patients or clients is the best way to maximize returns for your efforts.

Seamless integration of New Look Now widget on practice site

Seamless integration of New Look Now widget on practice site

You could make the argument that anyone interested in undergoing a cosmetic enhancement treatment at any time of the year is already wrapped up in some analogous version of the New Year New Me buyer’s mindset. While this is mostly true, the New Look Now visualizer is particularly effective at leveraging this type of eagerness and willingness to transform oneself during the season of New Year’s resolutions. Here’s how it works…


Potential patients who might otherwise just be price-shopping or day dreaming about undergoing treatments are led to your site through traditional marketing channels. They have New Year’s body goals in the back of their minds and begin to perform a type of digital window-shopping on your site. That’s when they see our integrated API or widget and are asked to “Try On” a treatment from the comfort of their own home. And this ushers in part one of the patient engagement process.

New Look Now widget examples 

New Look Now widget examples 

After they upload a photo of their given problem areas, the patients are then guided to scheduling a consultation appointment with one of your doctors. It’s at the consultation that they are able to view their personalized simulation alongside a treatment facilitator where they have a unique opportunity to receive a formal briefing on their virtualized treatment results. This provides a “carrot” at the end of the stick for these former digital window shoppers and has been proven to decrease the rate of patient drop-off by 85%.

Once the patient is in your offices, they are then able to discuss their virtual treatment results in-depth with you or other members of your staff. During this discussion, doctors have the floor to easily cross-sell and upsell different treatments while ensuring more patient conversions. Patients gain a better understanding of how easily they can achieve their New Year New Me body enhancement goals and are much more likely to schedule a follow-up treatment. The New Look Now visualizer has shown to improve consultation-to-treatment conversion rates by over 30%!


Adding the Visualizer to Your Existing Holiday Marketing Strategies

As we mentioned before, you don’t have to throw out all of your existing plans for holiday events or discounts in order to effectively utilize the visualizer and add a layer of dynamism to your campaigns. We’ve provided a few possible implementation configurations below:

Adding the Visualizer to Holiday Treatment Discounts:

Adding the visualizer to your holiday treatment discount efforts is incredibly easy. With New Look Now, you can choose to integrate the visualizer for a specific treatment type within your site, or in your emails, social media posts, etc… So, if you plan on giving holiday discounts for Rhinoplasty or Breast Augmentations, simply use those treatment-specific visualizers as digital stepping stones for your potential patients. For example, you could offer a 10% discount on Rhinoplasty to anyone who visits your site while increasing that offer to 20% if they also make use of the New Look Now Rhinoplasty visualizer. The possibilities for this are practically endless.

Adding the Visualizer to Holiday Events:

The New Look Now visualizer is an incredible conversation starter and in-person engagement tool for events of any type. In the past, many of our partners have seen success with a type of New Look Now “Pink Carpet” photo booth. This installation allows event attendees to walk up, snap a photo of their face or body with an iPad or other photographic device, and then receive a realistic treatment simulation within 30 minutes or less. You could also apply the New Year New Me theme to this visualizer installation at your next holiday event or parter, offering a fun way to leverage that key buyer profile. As a partner of New Look Now, you have an abundance of options for utilizing the visualizer as a cornerstone marketing tool.

New Look Now Pink Carpet Event 

New Look Now Pink Carpet Event 

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