5 Practical Plastic Surgery Marketing Tools and Tips

Streamline Your Plastic Surgery Marketing Efforts and Grow Your Practice With These 5 Methods

The cosmetic enhancement industry operates in a peculiar and often unpredictable middle realm between traditional medical practices and aesthetic-based consumer retailers. It is part scientific medicine and part exterior beautification, and designing appropriate marketing content for patients and consumers can be extremely varied or difficult. On the one hand, aesthetic practices often attempt to garner new clients with celebrity gossip or trendy social media topics. On the other, these same practices will try to acquire new patients with more serious and educational-based approaches.

As both of these branding styles fail and succeed in various ways, they create a strange dichotomy in the plastic surgery marketing rulebook that seems to blur most practices’ strategies to the point of pure confusion. The key is to find the proper balance between these two distinct, yet overlapping voices. It also helps to maintain and operate the most creative and innovative paths toward aesthetic marketing. These 5 plastic surgery marketing methods are the perfect tools and tips to help you succeed in doing just that.



1. Video, Video, Video: Testimonials, BTS’s, Educational, etc…

Video (specifically mobile-optimized video) is the foundation of most modern marketing efforts for any industry. Plastic surgery marketing is no different. In fact, there is an extremely abundant amount of video opportunities within the realm of plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements. Be it patient testimonials, behind-the-scenes office vids, educational or informational promotions, or anything in-between, aesthetic practices are ripe for the production of potent video marketing content.

The best part is, these videos don't have to cost tons of production dollars or be professionally shot. As social media and mobile-optimization comes to dominate digital marketing efforts, consumers (or potential patients) are increasingly accepting of low quality (production-wise) but high value (informational/entertaining) video content. This means that iPhone videos shot in the office with minimal planning and zero professional assistance can still have enormous impact on social media and across the web.

Don't let this opportunity fall by the wayside. Have your office managers or secretaries pick up a phone and start filming (with doctor and patient consent of course). Add some minor edits and a brand logo to the vid and post it across your various social channels. You'll be pleasantly surprised by your audience's (potential new and returning clients) reaction. The vast majority of the public wants to see honesty, intimacy, and even vulnerability as these attributes tend to cut directly through the fat of standardized marketing approaches. With such low costs, it's a tactic that's definitely worth attempting.

Here's an example of a testimonial video we produced including Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sanjay Grover talking about using the New Look Now aesthetic visualizer platform at his practice. 


2. Small Business Search Platforms: Yelp, Google Business, Etc…

This one is fairly obvious and is really an introductory part of small business marketing 101. Still, many cosmetic enhancements practices fail to fully utilize the small business search tools that they have at hand. Proper management of Yelp, Google My Business, and even TripAdvisor is critical for optimizing your potential new client's ability to locate and review your business online.

Facebook is also edging their way into the localized business search game and now offers ratings and reviews on company business pages. This provides yet another reason to utilize every conceivable aspect of these platforms in order to boost your online presence. The choices are to simply take advantage of all possible angles or to flounder in the ever-growing waters of lazy digital marketing. It’s up to you to use whatever is at hand.

This doesn't mean that you should pay for fake ratings. It also doesn’t mean that you should censor previously existing negative comments or reviews. In the realm of plastic surgery marketing, proper management of these local business search tools revolves around your team actively responding to dissatisfied clients, making the best possible use of tags and descriptions, and providing as much high-quality photographic content as you have available.

It’s also important to not just post your business on these platforms and then forget about it. Continuously updating and reevaluating these business profiles will keep your local search results feeling fresh, active, and responsive. That is the type of interactive and engaging marketing that today’s short-attention span consumer requires.



3. Facebook Ads Manager, and Not Just Your Average SMM (Social Media Management)  

Facebook is still one of the primary channels through which small businesses can interact with their existing and potential future clientele. While the Facebook owned Instagram is an increasingly popular platform due to its mobile-centric interface, FB definitely remains king of social media marketing. This social media dominance is in large part due to Facebook’s unparalleled advertising platform. And of course, ad campaigns on Instagram are also managed through the traditional Facebook business portal.

Just managing your business profile and posting organically on Facebook is not enough to ensure optimal social media lead generation. Sure, you can use “boosted posts" to throw some money behind your regular wall posts, but even that will fall short of real FB advertising campaigns. The true Facebook ads manager juggernaut allows for a nearly unprecedented amount of hyper-targeting that maximizes your cost-per-click (CPC) efficiency and is an undeniable boon to plastic surgery marketing efforts.

UPDATE: On November 7th 2017, Facebook Messenger released a new update that enables businesses to a apply a type of customer service live-chat to their Facebook business profiles. While this iteration of enterprise-optimized chat is a relatively new development for FB, Messenger has long been a viable way to communicate and connect with clientele. Now, Facebook is making it even easier for businesses to spawn this type of customer service communication directly on your company profile.


4. Events, Giveaways, Contests: Outbound Marketing with Inbound Support Systems

Although inbound marketing involves more modern strategies for small business promotion, outbound concepts like events and in-person giveaways seem to work extremely well in the cosmetic enhancement industry. These approaches offer the perfect balance of excitement, education, and consumer-allure that bring potential clients in and keep returning patients eager for more. Depending on the scale of your event, the overhead can be fairly minimal and the cost-per-attendee exceptionally low. Even if conversion rates are slim, they are justified by the low costs of initiation and by the extended brand awareness and community involvement/networking that these events entail.

The important thing to remember when deciding to utilize event-based plastic surgery marketing tactics is to keep track of all potential data. Obviously, inbound marketing tools like social media, blogging, and emailing client lists will be useful tools for promoting these events. Analyzing the data and tracking new and returning customers from first click all the way to event attendance is key to optimizing the performance of future events. It will also help measure the return on your investment for each event, allowing you to adjust spending in whichever areas are needed.

Example of Giveaway/Event Marketing 

Example of Giveaway/Event Marketing 


5. Treatment Simulation Visualizer: Boost KPI’s With One Effective Tool

In the realm of plastic surgery marketing, before and after pictures are understandably king. They demonstrate the viability of procedures to potential new patients, and they offer visualizations of success for aesthetic surgeons. So what if there was a tool to show interested new clients a before and after picture of themselves prior to them even coming in for a consultation? What effect would that tool have on creating new consultations? How would it improve consultation-to-appointment conversion rates?


In fact, New Look Now offers this innovative marketing tool to aesthetic surgery, dermatology, and orthodontic practices. Our treatment simulation visualizer can be easily implemented as a part of your practice’s marketing strategy through the use of our API, mobile-optimized widget, and online web application. Practices that utilize our visualizer platform have achieved an 85% decrease in no-show rates, a 30% increase in consultation-to-treatment conversion rates, and higher ROI (Return on Investment) for new medical device purchases. Overall, doctors using New Look Now have seen upwards of $50k-70k in additional revenue with incredibly low initial investment costs.


The reason that our treatment simulation visualizer works is sort of a no-brainer. When patients are able to “try on” treatments either prior to coming in for a consultation or during their appointment, they are far more likely to schedule and show-up for the actual procedure. Instead of looking at before and after pics of former clients, they are able to see their ideal image of themselves and become understandably excited, eager, and willing to follow through. The initial nervousness, confusion, or uncertainty surrounding their potential treatment quickly melts away after they’ve had the opportunity to view themselves in this new light.

The New Look Now treatment simulation visualizer is the ultimate plastic surgery marketing tool, as it helps to get new patients into your offices and boosts conversions during and after initial consultations. We work equally with both larger device/product manufacturers and smaller aesthetic practices to aid in patient on-boarding, conversions, and retention rates. If you’re looking for new ways to improve your practice’s KPI’s, our easy-to-use yet effective treatment simulation visualizer is the perfect place to start.

New Look Now Mobile-Optimized Widget 

New Look Now Mobile-Optimized Widget 

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