New Look Now Webinars

Marketing to Millennials with Aesthetic Medicine

How to Get More Appointments from Your Website

You'll learn - How to use the visualizer as a CTA throughout your site - How to utilize the widget to generate more leads - Other ways to optimize your website - Examples of successful New Look Now partners' sites - And More!!!

Tools for Unlocking Your Data

You'll learn about: - What you should be tracking and where to find it - The tools that help you organize and analyze data - Understanding the marketing funnel - How using the New Look Now Visualizer produces incredibly valuable data for your practice - How to apply these tactics to events

Avoiding Common Marketing Mistakes

This webinar teaches you about the most common marketing mistakes that aesthetic practices make and how you can easily avoid them.

Mapping Out the Perfect Patient Journey 

This webinar teaches you how to map out the perfect patient journey by utilizing the New Look Now treatment visualizer among other incredibly handy resources.

Utilizing the Ultherapy Visualizer 

This webinar instructs Ultherapy providers on the best practices for marking and utilizing the Ultherapy Visualizer.

Marketing Your Ultherapy Events 

This webinar is on the best practices for marketing your Ultherapy events. You'll Learn... How to leverage the Ultherapy Visualizer to market your event; The best language and content to use for each marketing channel; How to optimize your event promotions to increase patient conversion rates; And more!!!

Using the New NLN Workflow 

This webinar teaches you about all of our new workflow updates, why the latest version of our visualizer platform is much better, and how to properly take and upload photos to New Look Now in order to save time and get better results.

Utilizing the Ultherapy Visualizer at Events 

This webinar is for teaching Ultherapy Representatives how to successfully utilize the Ultherapy Visualizer at events. You'll Learn: The importance of incorporating the Ultherapy Visualizer in an Ultherapy Event; How to market the event using the Visualize; How timing, event flow, and Visualizer utilization can affect conversion rates during events; And more!!!

Complete Guide to the ultherapy visualizer 

This webinar provides everything you'll need to know when using the Ultherapy Visualizer. You'll Learn: How the Ultherapy Visualizer works; How to upload an in office Ultherapy Visualizer order; How to market the Ultherapy Visualizer with emails, pop-up event banners, and a custom website widget.

How to convert more patients after a consultation 

This webinar teaches you how to convert more patients after a consultation with proper email follow-up.

increase consultation requests with facebook posts 

This webinar teaches you how to create the perfect Facebook post that is proven to increase consultation requests for your practice.

doctor-to-doctor: learn how the visualizer works for them 

This is a recording of our November Webinar from the New Look Now Webinar Series. Hear from actual doctors about our exciting and versatile visualizer tool that enhances new patient acquisitions, improves consultation-to-treatment conversion rates, boosts patient retention, and increases the overall lifetime value of each patient.

decrease no show rates with the visualizer

This is a recording of our September Webinar from our New Look Now Webinar Series. According to one Journal of the American Medical Association study, an average of 42% of appointments become no-shows. What if there was a way to decrease that percentage with just a click of a button?