New Look Now® creates before and after visualizers that allow your patients to “try on” treatments anywhere and anytime. We require no additional hardware – simply take the photo, specify what treatments you would like to see simulated and we take care of the rest!


Our Mission

New Look Now® is driving a revolutionary change in the way consumers make decisions about having aesthetic procedures.  New Look Now® is serving as the gravitational force that will draw millions of consumers with beauty concerns into the community of aesthetic experts.

New Look Now® is quickly emerging as the most trusted web-based provider of “before and after Visualizers” for consumers, physicians, and manufacturers; educating and motivating consumers on their potential treatment options and linking them directly to the aesthetic experts who are qualified to discuss and deliver quality outcomes.

We offer several programs for doctors and manufacturers.

Introduce Visualizers to Your Practice
With our Patient Conversion and Retention Program

Collect Your Patients Aesthetic Concerns
With Our Patient Interest Questionnaire

Fill Your Schedule
With Our Consumer Acquistion Program

Increase Your Market Share
With Our Corporate Partnership White-Label Programs

New Look Now® grew out of my 10 year history managing aesthetic medical practices. We knew how important before and after photos were, but we still felt something was missing. We created New Look Now® to really help people see what was possible and the idea has just taken off ever since!
— Devon Niccole, CEO

What is New Look Now®?

New Look Now®'s visualizer technology educates patients about aesthetic options by virtually “trying on” surgical and nonsurgical treatments for face, breast, body, skin, teeth and hair.

Simulation Examples


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