How to Best Utilize Your New Look Now Credits

How to put your New Look Now credits to use

So, you've got some credits in your New Look Now account. Don't just let them sit there collecting dust. Use them!

We know, we know. Sometimes that's easier said than done. Fortunately, we're here to help in any way that we can.

That's why this post will walk you through all of the best ways to utilize your New Look Now credits, helping you increase your conversion rates with some simple tried and true marketing tactics.

First, let's take a look at the tools at your disposal.

With a New Look Now account, you have access to our website widgets, a unique consumer landing page, and the ability to utilize the visualizer in your offices.

Website Widget:

Our widgets provide a unique, mobile-friendly, and highly-engaging way to increase conversions on your website.

Link to Your Consumer Landing Page:

Your consumer link leads to your customizable New Look Now landing page and can be placed wherever you see fit.

In-Office Utilization:

And of course, you always have the option of walking your patients through the visualizer platform during a consultation, event, or any type of in-office visit.

Now that you understand what you're working with, we can cover the basics of when and where to utilize these resources.

Where to use the widget:

As we mentioned above, the New Look Now widgets are meant to be embedded on your website and offer a distinguished way to entice your site visitors into seeing treatment simulations on their bodies. This, in turn, leads to increased interest in learning more about the treatment options that you provide. You can decide to deliver the simulation results to these potential patients (aka leads) as soon as they are ready, or withhold them until the leads decide to come into your offices for a consultation.

Where to use your link to your consumer landing page:

The widgets are an easy to implement resource for optimizing your website to generate more leads and subsequently more overall conversions. Similarly, the link to your consumer landing page can also be placed on your site. as well as inside all outward-facing content (social media, email, etc...). This makes it easy for you to include a Call-to-Action (CTA) with a proven track record of increasing conversion rates within every aspect of your online presence. This includes blog posts CTAs, email marketing campaigns, social media posts and advertising, website banners or buttons, and all other types of digital content.

How to use the visualizer in-office:

In-office usage of the New Look Now visualizer can provide a unique opportunity for cross-selling and upselling various treatment options while engaging your potential patients and enhancing your overall relationship with them. You can use the visualizer during events, consultations, and before & after a patient has decided to receive a treatment. In each of these scenarios, the visualizer acts as the perfect tool for assisting your approach toward increasing conversions across the board.

Examples of Visualizer Utilization

So, now you have your tools and a firm grasp of when and where to utilize them. Let's check out some specific implementations of the New Look Now visualizer and determine which tactics best fit into your current marketing strategies.

The Website Widget:

Screenshot 2018-08-11 at 1.10.54 PM.png

96% of new visitors to websites aren't ready to convert yet. That's why it's important to offer these visitors stepping stones that nudge them further along your conversion funnels. The website widget (shown above) lives on your site and is a simple and effective way to generate leads. Site visitors can see the button for the widget on your page and are prompted to interact with a multi-layered call-to-action pop-up that is simultaneously engaging and educational. Please contact us at for assistance in setting up your website widget.

The Social Media Advertisement:


Did you know that 65% of the top performing Instagram posts feature a product or service? Using the link to your consumer landing page, you can create fun and exciting social media advertisements that direct your followers to the visualizer. This sample Instagram post demonstrates an easy way to incorporate your consumer landing page link into your existing social media marketing campaigns. You can access and utilize all of our pre-designed social media assets here.

The Email Campaign:


The average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is $38 to $1. That makes email one of the least expensive and simplest ways to improve your practice's ROI. The link to your consumer landing page can be easily placed into your emails in a variety of ways. This can include follow-up emails after a consultation or an event, newsletters promoting recent blog content, post-treatment follow-up, and so much more. The above example demonstrates how your consumer link can be utilized in a post-appointment booking follow-up email. Click here to find see all of the email design examples and ready-to-use templates that live in your New Look Now toolkit.

The Consultation Cross-Sell:

doctors appointment mental health.png

Let's say you have a lead that decides to come in for a consultation. They are interested in a baseline treatment but seem willing to explore the other options that you provide. In this scenario, you can easily use the New Look Now visualizer during your consultation to show this potential patient what they could look like after a more involved aesthetic enhancement. This is just one approach for cross-selling or upselling different treatments while you engage with the eager and willing leads in your offices.

These four examples barely scratch the surface of the potential implementations of your New Look Now tools. If you're interested in learning more about the various ways in which you can utilize your New Look Now credits, feel free to contact us at and we will assist you as best as we can.

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