Quick tip for better understanding your customers…

How well do you know your patients? How well do you know the internet users who search for your services but don’t end up converting (becoming a patient)?

The answer should almost always be, “not as well as I could.”

Your online presence is typically the primary way in which your current and potential future patients understand who you are, what you offer, and whether or not you’re right for them. The content you put on your site, in your emails, and on your social media accounts is often the first (and sometimes only) mode of communication between you and them.

Knowing your audience (aka customer base) is absolutely vital to the creation of content that resonates with them and ultimately leads them to request appointments at your offices.

So how can you do a better job of that?

One awesome technique that we’re very fond of involves taking a relatively deep (yet simple) dive into the realm of Google Analytics (GA).

GA is a tool that all business owners should utilize and it does an amazing job at providing insight into your online audience. Without getting too involved here, we’re going to take a quick look at the Affinity Categories and In-Market Segments on GA.

When in GA, you can navigate to the Audience -> Interests tab on the left column. Then select either Affinity Categories or In-Market Segments. The Affinity Categories tab will show you the general topics based on what the majority of your website visitors are searching for across the web. The In-Market Segments will show you the topics that those users are “in the market for”, or the things they are looking to purchase.

We recommend taking a closer look at these GA sections to gain a better understanding of what your website visitors are interested in. You can then start creating content for social media, blogs, emails, or your website that is oriented toward these interests. The end result will be a stronger connection between your audience and your digital presence. And that’s a surfeited way to get more online conversions.

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