Understanding the Holiday Consumer

The holidays provide a whirlwind for consumer activity. This is true for practically all sectors of the economy and the aesthetic services industry is no exception. More vacation time, optimal recovery situations, holiday bonuses, and New Year goals make the winter months a great time for patients to receive treatments.

There are two common ways to increase patient interest during this time:

  1. Create a sense of urgency, followed by a sense of reward

Consumers are far more likely to purchase goods or services when they are afraid of the consequences of missing out. You can leverage this urgency by creating limited-time holiday discounts and educating patients on the benefits of winter-based recovery/downtime.

  1. Promote your practice with an amplified sense of warmth, comfort, and holiday cheer

Consumers are more willing to spend when they feel comfortable and happy. Creating festive content and fostering holiday cheer both online and in your offices is a great way to make your practice feel like a warmer, friendlier place for patients to purchase treatments.

You can also utilize New Look Now’s predictive imaging technology to increase that sense of urgency or to make your practice feel more exciting and comfortable.

When patients upload their photos to New Look Now, you can choose to withhold their simulated treatment results until they enter your offices. Using language like, “Stop by within the next week to receive your results!” is a great example of this.

And, when making holiday-related promotional marketing content, utilizing New Look Now’s ability to let patients “Try On” treatments from home is an excellent way to heighten their sense of excitement and engagement.

Learn more about marketing to your patients during the holidays.