How to Get Your Patients to Spread the Word About Your Services

What do Uber, Dropbox, and AirBnB all have in common?

Yes, they are all technology companies with smartphone apps. That’s not what we’re talking about here though.

All three of these highly successful businesses managed to spawn tremendous growth using simple, yet effective referral and loyalty programs.

They offered their users a reward for bringing new users to their platforms. And those new users were rewarded for joining, creating a 2-way incentive street. Those new users now had an opportunity to pass the puck to others and the growth became viral.

Of course, when the product or service is directly connected to your computer or smartphone, it becomes a lot easier to share referral codes with friends and family. That doesn’t mean aesthetic practices can’t capitalize on the same types of “viral loops” that these companies created.

What’s a “Viral Loop”?

It’s essentially a paradigm in which incentivization creates a continuous “feedback loop” of things being shared and reshared until they become viral. With businesses, it primarily works when both the sharer and the receiver benefit from the transaction. For example, imagine if I got $20 for sending my friend a coconut and he got $20 for receiving it, then an additional $20 for sending it again. It wouldn’t take long for that coconut to travel around the entire planet.

So how can this all translate to the realm of aesthetic medicine?

Referral and loyalty rewards programs have always been a part of the aesthetic enhancement industry, and practically all industries for that matter. These incentivized “word of mouth” systems are as old as commerce itself. Still, there are some distinct approaches that you can take to ensure your programs are successful. Here are a few things to keep in mind…

  • Keep it simple

The best referral programs are simple enough for a third grader to understand. The coconut scenario above is a good example, however, it doesn’t properly incorporate the next point.

  • Make the rewards applicable to your services

Dropbox managed to grow 3900% using their referral program. They rewarded their users with Dropbox storage space. So, not only did they grow their user base, they also grew their account activity and app usage.  

  • Make the transactions easy

The “name drop” referral system is probably the oldest in the book. A new customer tells the business that “so and so” recommended their services. It’s simple but hard to keep track. Try creating a digitized system where you can record all referrals and provide patients with immediate rewards via text or email.

  • Use shareable, actionable content in your referral marketing strategies

New Look Now’s predictive imaging technology provides an excellent resource for incorporating shareable and engaging content into your referral marketing. You can use a link to your treatment simulation landing page that can be shared around easily, generating hundreds or even thousands of leads without the patients having to leave their phone/computer.

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