How to Capitalize on Winter Weather in the Aesthetic Medicine Industry

Most people in the aesthetic medicine industry know that fall and winter are the busiest times of year for plastic surgery. Healing from surgery is best done out of the sun and without lots of physical activity. Winter provides an excellent backdrop for this type of artificial hibernation.

Still, many aesthetic industry professionals take this time of year for granted. It's easy to neglect the reality that the average prospective patient probably has no clue that winter is the best time for them to undergo a treatment. And there lies the opportunity for you to capitalize on this cold weather and use it to market your aesthetic business.

A Quick Refresher...

The main reason to get surgery in the fall and winter months is because it takes time to heal. Patients who are recovering from aesthetic surgery should avoid sunlight and strenuous physical activity. And for their own sake, they'll probably want to stay away from situations where they're expected to show lots of skin. In other words, they are advised to stay indoors and avoid lots of movement.

Of course, when it's cold outside, most people enter a type of "hibernation mode" anyway. And many people stack up their vacation days to be used during this time of year. So, you can convince your would-be patients to make productive use of the time that they would already be spending inside.

Use social media, emails, and blog content to educate your patients on the inherent benefits of fall/winter treatments.

Try creating fun, engaging, and educational content that you can share via social media and emails (or post on your website's blog) that explains how patients can stay inside and avoid public settings without feeling guilty. It's important to give these patients the confidence to undergo a surgical procedure during this time of year. Use verbiage about killing two birds with one stone, cocoon analogies of the caterpillar and the butterfly, or any other creative approaches that highlight the dual aspects of winter recovery.

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